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Startup Spotlight: FlightCar


Startup Spotlight: BonAppetour What’s the Scoop on FlightCar? Startup: FlightCar Sector: Car-Sharing, Airport Car Rental Launched: August 2012 Competitors: Airport Rental Car Agencies like Hertz FlightCar offers a more cost-effective alternative to the traditional airport car rental experience currently provided by companies such as Hertz. Travelers leaving town can park their vehicle at the airport for ...

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Get More Bookings With These Pro-Tips


Getting More Eyeballs On Your Listing Getting more visibility for your listing on different home sharing marketplaces or social media websites leads to more bookings. Each marketplace can be used to attract different guests who may be interested in your listing but may not be able to find it otherwise. For instance, posting on Airbnb ...

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Sharing Economy City Report: New York City

Citi Bike is the bike sharing program that launched this May in New York City. Bike sharing is part of the sharing economy.

The explosive growth of the Sharing Economy has enabled thousands of people all over the world to share their car, home, workspace, skills, and more everyday. This behavior represents a shift in the way that people work and live. It has also started to change the way people think about ownership. With the Sharing Economy, ...

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Startup Spotlight: BonAppetour


Startup Spotlight: BonAppetour What’s the Scoop on BonAppetour? BonAppetour connects travelers to local hosts for a home-dining experience around the world, including dinner parties, picnics, barbecues and cooking classes. “Like you, we love to travel. But we believe that traveling isn’t just about sightseeing – we believe in local experiences. There is a side of ...

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10 Books About the Sharing Economy

We are on the ground floor of the Collaborative Consumption movement. Technology is reinventing sharing and is redefining the way we connect with goods, services, and others as a result. At Coral we believe this is the future and want to provide you with all the resources needed to be informed and excited about our ...

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Startup Spotlight: Fasten


Image Credit: Boston Herald – Unknown Image Credit: www.fasten.com Startup: Fasten Sector: Ride-sharing Launched: Late September 2015 Competitors: Uber and Lyft   What’s the Scoop on Fasten? While in Boston, we had the pleasure of trying the new ride-sharing app, Fasten, in the midst of their big launch! As you would expect, using this app is ...

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What is The Sharing Economy and Why Now?!

If you haven’t yet heard of the Sharing Economy, it’s time to come out from under your rock! With massive investor valuations of young companies, flashy TV ad campaigns, and coverage on major media outlets, the Sharing Economy has been used as an umbrella term and is becoming a bit of a buzzword. However, it is ...

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