Make Your Airbnb Listing Stand Out


Recently the mansion from American Horror Story‘s first season Murder House was listed on Airbnb…and just as fast as it showed up, it disappeared. Ohhh…spooky! A guest was able to stay at the 9.5 bedroom estate and the reviewer stated: “The house was fantastic: Full of history and carrying her scars and scratches from a ...

Data on Airbnb vs Hotels and Tips for Expanding to More Listings


New data that came out from a report by CBRE last week suggests that Airbnb spaces now account for 9% or more of the total lodging accommodations in major markets. In New York, Airbnb rooms make up 16% of the total lodging units, Los Angeles 12%, San Francisco 11%, and Miami 9.2%. Now on the ...

Can Airbnb Unite the World? and is Self-Regulation the Solution?


Airbnb Regulation Over the past few months, we’ve touched on regulation of Airbnb and the Sharing Economy. You know, governments this…city councils that…blah, blah, blah. One thing we haven’t talked about is self-regulation of the Sharing Economy. The Sharing Economy—as well as the digital economy as a whole—is an entirely new beast when it comes ...

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