Name: Jared McFaddin


Location: Cincinnati, OH

Bio: Jared McFaddin, move to Cincinnati to go to college for an engineering degree (University of Cincinnati). After graduating and working for a construction company for a number of years, I was hired by the City of Cincinnati and purchased the 1849 historic home in the Betts Longworth Historic Neighborhood that is now my AirBnB rental. When I purchased this house my Dad and I agreed we with had our new project. When I moved in January of 2007, it was snowing into the house due to the damaged and disrepair roof. My Dad and I spent the next 4 years restoring this grand property (2 years on the outside and 2 years on the inside) each weekend. A true labor of love! In 2015, I decided to start my AirBnB short term rental and since then, I have had a great time meeting and hosting many great guests.

Airbnb Listing URL:

1. Which option best describes your hosting experience and how many listings do you operate?

(A) I rent out my primary residence

(B) I rent out multiple properties that are my own

(C) I rent out multiple properties for other people

(B) I rent 1 of my owned properties.

2. Why do you host?

I host for a few reasons: I think Cincinnati is a great place and I love to share my city, its world class amenities, and its hidden secrets with all of my guests. I believe in the sharing /shared space model that Airbnb is a part of, as well. I think that we have a ton of under utilized spaces in the United States that we don’t take advantage of. Hosting also provides a nice supplementary income that I can use to help fund other properties and projects that I want to tackle.


3. If you had a time machine, what advice would you give yourself when you started hosting?

My advice to my past self would be to be selective and particular to only book the best guests. I would also do a better job in writing my Airbnb listing by being more descriptive and specific.

4. What is the most memorable moment in your hosting experience so far?

Last year in October, I hosted a family that was coming to Cincy for a wedding, and it just happened that I was going to the same wedding (I did not know this until I meet them on the check-in day). I knew the groom and they were the Aunt/Uncle & Cousins of the bride. We had a great time at the wedding and I was glad to share my house and my city with this great family.


5. What do your guests love about staying with you? What do you differently from other hosts?

My guests love that I meet them at their check-in time and walk them through my historic home and show them around. I also provide them with local insights on the neighborhood for food and fun.

6. What $100 or less purchase has made the biggest impact on your hosting experience?

I provide a $20 local Cincinnati snack gift basket, and my mom makes homemade chocolate chip cookies for all guests. In many reviews the guests highlight this as something they enjoy and appreciate.

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