Host Name: Kitty Norris


Bio: “When we committed to this property, we immediately felt strongly that this place needs to be shared. The previous administration, who commissioned the house to be built, did not want guests, and therefore built only a one bedroom home here. We added on your wing, which mirrors the one bedroom the house came with, which is ours. We also had, as part of our long term plan, to host visitors here, when the time came in our lives that the physical and financial maintenance of this place exceeded our income. We love business, as much as we love people; and assumed that we would need to develop a means to market our retreat, when the time came. At just the right moment, along came Airbnb, with a superlative site, integrity, an attitude and approach totally appropriate for us. We love that it is a perfect fit, and we have incredible experiences with all our Airbnb guests. We are so grateful for this amazing synchronicity…and cannot praise this entire relationship enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

As you spend time in our home, you will quickly notice that our hobbies include singing, dancing, adventure & culture-study travel; reading, photography, hiking, birding, community volunteering, art and music.

Our travels have taken us to Asia, Europe, South America, Central America … places such as Tuscany, the Himalayas,  Andes, and Amazon;  The Galapagos Islands, The Darien, Taiwan, and the Hill Country of China, Laos, & Vietnam. We prefer independent, down-to-earth travel;  educating ourselves on the history, culture, customs, language, and natural history of places before we visit. We love going to places with very little infrastructure, and doing so on foot.”

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Which option best describes your hosting experience and how many listings do you operate?

(A) I rent out my primary residence

(B) I rent out multiple properties that are my own

(C) I rent out multiple properties for other people

Answer A – the luxury guest suite in my own home. Just the one!

Why do you host? 

I love hosting! It is the most fun thing I do!

In the past we’ve managed a resort with a dozen full sized architecturally magnificent handcrafted houses and 50+ guests. We were really good at it! Some guests from back then – in the mid 1970’s – are still dear friends, like family to us. Some were children back then, and are adults now, still keeping in touch.  Our guests are very honored around here.

We furnish with only what we consider to be the best available. Hospitality is in our blood. We love pampering our guests. Our home and property demand to be shared. It is so gorgeous that it is outrageous to consider that it not be shared.


If you had a time machine, what advice would you give yourself when you started hosting?

Don’t stop doing this, it is so amazing, fun and worthwhile.

What is the most memorable moment in your hosting experience so far?

We tend to make friends with many of our guests. We treat them as would wish to be treated. If they wish to be social, we are there. If they wish privacy, we give them all the space they need. We love it when guests return, when they send their friends to us.

One wonderful story – a couple staying here mentioned that they wanted to adopt a cat. From here? Yes! We talked a bit, it turned out that I had seen “their” cat for adoption at the hardware store in town. I called the store – it was a holiday weekend – to make sure they were open – and that the cat was still there. Both yes. The lovely people adopted this incredible cat and took it home to the Bay Area. We every now and then get emails and photos of them and the cat. What could be better than that?

We love our guest reviews. How could we pick a favorite? They are all special, from special people.

What do your guests love about staying with you? What do you differently from other hosts?

We furnish the suite with only what we consider to be the best available, including our library, antique furniture that we’ve had in the family

Hospitality is in our blood. We love pampering guests. Our home and property demand to be shared. It is so gorgeous that it is outrageous to consider that it not be shared. this is not a business deal, it is much more than that.

We offer privacy, as well as conversation. We take our cues from our guests. We are happy to take guests on hikes, sit with them birdwatching, do star shows of our dark night sky with a spotting scope, make sure they know of meteor showers to enjoy. We have genuine fun doing all this.

Putting together our Coral Guide has been huge fun. I’ve tried to think of all the fun things I’d love to share and include them all. It makes me smile a lot!

Differently? We do hospitality, not just hosting. It is all done with great love and gratitude for the opportunity to share what is unique and incredible about our home and our region.

What $100 or less purchase has made the biggest impact on your hosting experience?

Really good toiletries and locally handmade soaps. Terrific linens, nice dishes and good glassware. Great Granolas. Chargers for guests’ electronic gadgets. Copies of our favorite CD’s for the music system in the room (that was a great purchase too). Carafes and nice tumblers for drinking water (it is all from our excellent well, but it is a lovely presentation). A coffeemaker and coffee pods for it. A set of local trail guides and nature guide books. Nice racks for the mini Chamber of Commerce in the room. Terrific table linens.


August Erickson