There are a lot of questions to answer when making the decision to become a host on Airbnb; it’s not as simple as just creating a profile and waiting for offers to come rolling in.

How do you maximize nightly prices? Who is giving the keys to your guests? Who’s cleaning your home before the guest arrives and after they leave? Are they using your sheets and linens? What will you do if there are issues with your guests or they have questions about your apartment? What will you do if a guest damages your home?

These are all questions that were on our mind as we sought to build the perfect companion company for people looking to rent their home. MetroButler is the answer to those questions.

MetroButler is a host management and concierge service for the short-term rental community. We take all the stress and work out of becoming an Airbnb host while working to maximize profits for our clients. We work with new or existing hosts to optimize their profiles and increase exposure to stand out from other listings. We use proprietary pricing models to maximize nightly rates while keeping occupancy high. We do key drops, schedule and manage all cleaning services and provide clean linens and towels. We even provide customized mobile home guides for all guests using the platform developed by our friends at Coral. And most importantly we manage all guest communications 24/7, answering anything from simple questions to more complicated crisis management. Taken together, this allows for great guest experiences, resulting in positive reviews and money in your pocket.


For every guest that stays in your home, there are so many details to keep in mind and MetroButler is here to take that work off your plate. If you’re traveling for work or pleasure and want to make some money while you’re gone, let MetroButler help!

If you want more information on how MetroButler can help you with your Airbnb listing check out our website or visit us on Facebook.

The Coral Team