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Welcome the first episode of our Expert Series with the founders of Airbnb host education hub, Jim Breese and Symon He.

Aspiring, rookie, and veteran hosts have a lot to learn in order to run their hospitality business effectively. Jim and Symon launched LearnAirbnb to educate hosts and advocate for home sharing. They are a pillar in the Airbnb ecosystem, armed with in-depth knowledge and experience having helped THOUSANDS of Airbnb hosts worldwide.

In this conversation filmed live on March 10th, we cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the early days of Airbnb, to host tips, and the most up to date info available from their recent endeavour, the Airbnb and Home Sharing Industry Report.

Whether you are an active or aspiring Airbnb host, Sharing Economy enthusiast, or real estate investor you are sure to learn something from this conversation!


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Selected Links and Mentions from the Episode

Show Notes

  • What is your background and experience? [00:38]
  • What is your role in the Airbnb? [01:59]
  • When did you start [04:22]
  • What was the LearnAirbnb of 2014 compared to the LearnAirbnb of 2016? [04:53]
  • What are the different categories of Airbnb hosts? [07:36]
  • Why are people letting strangers stay in their home with Airbnb? [09:58]
  • What is the impact of Airbnb on real estate development? [11:16]
  • The title of this tag is Will city regulation be the biggest challenge for Airbnb and home sharing? [13:27]
  • How much money can you make as an Airbnb host? [16:51]
  • How do Airbnb hosts use their rental income? [18:25]
  • What are your tips for getting more revenue? [20:17]
  • How do you find the best locations to invest in an Airbnb property? [23:07]
  • How do you approach your landlord about Airbnb? [26:03]
  • Do you need to sign a contract with your landlord to host on Airbnb? [30:23]
  • Who is a good fit to become an Airbnb host? [31:33]
  • What are your top tips for beginner Airbnb hosts? [33:51]
  • Pro Tip: Ramp-Up Pricing. [36:26]
  • How do you rank high on Airbnb search results? [38:27]
  • Pro Tip: Transparency is key to your hosting success. [41:19]
  • Pro Tip: Personalization & Surprising Your Guests. [43:30]
  • Pro Tip: Snacks = Happy Guests. [45:29]
  • What are your top tips for veteran hosts and Superhosts? [47:53]
  • Pro Tip: The Importance of Cleanliness. [50:32]
  • Airbnb Dynamic Pricing tool compare to 3rd Party Pricing Tools? [53:12]
  • What was the most surprising thing you learned from the quantitative data in LearnAirbnb
  • Home Sharing Industry Study? [56:33]
  • What was the most surprising thing you learned from the attitudinal data in LearnAirbnb
  • Home Sharing Industry Report? [57:55]
  • More Insights from the Home Sharing Industry Report. [59:55]
  • If you could host any guest in the world, who would it be and why? [01:05:50]

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