This past week, LearnAirbnb published our first annual Airbnb and Home Sharing Market Report. The report we created provides a detailed performance and attitudinal assessment of hosts as well as the overall health of the home sharing industry. It was supported by many generous sponsors including Coral.

The 2016 Home Sharing Market Report contains an aggregate quantitative analysis of the top 200 U.S. markets, which includes 257,000 hosts who manage 430,000 listings that achieved 5.9 million reservations on Airbnb from October 2014 to October 2015.

The report also contains findings from an attitudinal analysis of 1,312 past, current, and future Airbnb hosts from 83 countries around the world. This analysis gave us deep insight into the motivations, concerns, and attitudes of Airbnb hosts all across the world.

Here are a few quick facts from the report:

  • An estimated 75 hosts may be grossing $1MM+ in rental revenue per year.​ This is based on having approximately 312,500 hosts in the US and finding that 1 in 3850 hosts earn $1MM+ in gross rental revenue per year. You have a better chance at becoming a millionaire from Airbnb than you do from winning the lottery.
  • Skill and other outside factors play a huge factor into the success of an Airbnb host. ​Incredible success on Airbnb can be mostly attributed to other factors such as skill, not the sheer number of rental units. Be sure to optimize your current listing before adding another one!
  • Surprisingly, many hosts have never been guests on Airbnb. 2​9 percent of the surveyed Airbnb hosts have never traveled as a guest on Airbnb. Go out there, be a guest and get a feel for the experience you are expected to deliver. Trying Airbnb as a guest will open your eyes to many areas where you may be under-performing.
  • City councils and hotel lobbyists are the biggest challenge. 6​3.6 percent of survey respondents believe city councils and hotel lobbyists are Airbnb’s biggest challenge going forward.

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