We are so excited for the launch of our Blab feed. If you are not familiar with Blab.im, check it out! Blab is a LIVE conversation. It’s basically like a podast and a webinar had baby and named her Blab. We will be posting the replays on the blog with show notes, commentary, and more. We will also use the audio to launch our podcast on iTunes.

In this conversation, we will dive into the “Wild Wild West” that was the early days of Airbnb and the Sharing Economy. Stories, tips and tricks, and so much more…this is going to be a good one folks. We will also talk about LearnAirbnb.com’s latest endeavour: Airbnb Home Sharing Industry Report They have uncovered AMAZING insights about the current state of home sharing. It will be a great dynamic.

We hope to see you there! LIVE: March 10th at 7PM EST/4PM EST get reminder and replay below.

The Coral Team