UK Hosts Getting the Boot
It is possible that hundreds of hosts in the UK are being delisted from Airbnb and cannot appeal the matter. You may have heard of people being removed from Airbnb on a one-by-one case basis, but this blanket purge is something new for the platform. Is it due to pressures from the local government? Some believe so. This is a good reason for you to be listing on multiple platforms, not just Airbnb.

More Bad Signs for Hotels
A recent survey sent out by Goldman Sachs found something very interesting. Guests were hesitant to travel on Airbnb (we knew this already), but once they did it, they most likely will never stay in a hotel again. This is great news for Airbnb because it’s showing that their hosts are creating loyal guests. Also, this is not just a phenomena in the younger crowds, it’s also seen in the older demographics as well. Make sure to provide a 5-star guest experience for it will not only help your ratings, but the Airbnb community as a whole.

Airbnb Tax Updates for 2016
A few weeks ago I was able to sit down and chat with Derek Davis from the SharedEconomyCPA and he shared a few updates about taxes in 2016. Here is a video for you to check out. The topic of taxes can be kind of dry, but Derek does a good job of keeping it interesting. There is also a special offer at the end for the viewers.

Airbnb Income and Social Security Disability Income
I also chatted with Derek about a topic that many hosts ask us about: Can I keep my Airbnb income and my social security benefits? Here is a quick blog post Derek wrote for us about the topic. It also includes a video for you to check out as well.
PS. Have you seen the Netflix and Chill Airbnb?


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