Four Quick Airbnb Articles…

  1. Airbnb is Recruiting City Counselors

After serving five years on the City Council, Ald. Will Burns will be taking a position as Midwest policy director and senior advisor for Airbnb. Adding past political leaders could be a winning strategy for Airbnb. Who’s next?

  1. Airbnb is on a Roll

2015 was a huge success for Airbnb and January 2016 helped carry that momentum. Airbnb signed their first tax agreement in Italy, Sacramento unanimously passed two ordinances that effectively legalized Airbnb in the city, and New South Wales is looking to develop a framework to regulate Airbnb as well.

  1. Designing with Airbnb in Mind

A local development group in Nashville, TN is looking to construct a small mixed-use building to include Airbnb apartment units in North Capitol, two blocks south of First Tennessee Park. Some developers are getting onboard with the Airbnb trend and I think it’s going to pay off in a big way!

  1. Opportunistic Super Bowl Hosts

One million people are expected to travel to the San Francisco Bay area for Super Bowl 50, and that’s creating a golden opportunity for residents to join Airbnb. With Travelodge hotel rooms filling up at $1,100/night, new Airbnb hosts are coming out of the woodwork to get their piece of the income pie. Be sure to look for special events in your area like sporting events or concerts so you can take advantage of increased demand. Learn more about demand-based pricing.


Quick Airbnb Tip:

If you live in a seasonal location—somewhere that has snow in the winter and a bright sunny summer—make sure you are posting pictures of your property during all the seasons.
It’s now February and guests are now booking for April–June, maybe even a little further out, so a snow covered cabin is not what they are looking to book. You can help increase your conversions by having your outdoor pictures reflect what the guest can expect at the time they are traveling to your space.

Pro-tip: To take this one step further, set a reminder on your calendar to take a picture of the exterior of your property on the 1st of every month and post it to your Airbnb listing with the month/season written on it. When guests scroll through your pictures, they will know exactly what to expect in the month they are traveling. When expectations are met, 5-star ratings are earned.

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