6 Airbnb Host Must-Have Items

After three straight months of living in home shares, the Coral Team has identified some key items that we think are essential to providing a comfortable stay.

britaWater Filter Pitcher: This is definitely most important. A guest in a strange city or country shouldn’t need to worry about the quality of the tap water. Fill this up and throw it in the fridge before your guests arrive. It is an easy way to assure your guests can have a tall glass of cold clean water after their travels. You could also stock your fridge with water bottles, but this pitcher is a much more sustainable policy, both for your wallet and our planet. Brita, Soma, and PUR are popular brands. Check out some water filter pitchers, here

Two types of pillow: Some people like it hard, others like it soft. While your mattress is probably here to stay no matter how firm or fluffy, your pillow is an easy thing to switch out. Having options for different pillows for each guest will help your guests avoid waking up with stiff necks that ruin the rest of their stay.

Towels: Clean towels that are free of stains have a big impact. Getting comfortable and feeling at home often involves a nice shower, don’t spoil it with a stained towel that leaves your guest naked, dripping, and grossed out. Always have lots of towels on deck, easily accessible, in a closet or on a rack so that your guests feel covered—no pun intended—in the towel department. Some guests may abuse this and use all the towels, but it’ll pay off in guest satisfaction.

Shampoo/Body Wash: While we are talking about the shower, soap is huge. With airline rules about liquids, bringing this along is tough. Get your guests two big pump-style bottles of shampoo and body wash. This is sanitary and easy to use in the shower. Most guests won’t notice you don’t have shower gel until they’re wrapped in a towel trying to turn the water on and that’s no time to realize you need to find a store to buy soap in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Tissues: Same as the shower gel, you don’t look for them till you need them, and then you really need them. This also goes for toilet paper. Have extra rolls ready and visible.powerst

International power strip: If you have a lot of international travelers this will be a big deal for them. They’ll probably bring their own converter, but if they forget, or need more outlets, you’ll be their favorite person. Check out some options, here

BONUS—Snacks: this is a bonus, but some of our favorite hosts have left us welcome baskets with everything from coffee grinds to candy bars. Sometimes our hosts put soda or juices in the fridge too. This was also great for arrival since traveling often leaves people hungry. Snacks can hold them over until they’re settled and can grab some food based on the Local Recommendations in your Guidebook.

A happy guest is more likely to read your Welcome Message and click through your Guidebook, which has a ripple effect through the rest of their stay.

Other items you may consider stocking your listing with include:

  • Q-tips
  • Floss
  • Cotton balls
  • Contact solution (non-peroxide version)
  • Smartphone chargers: everyone forgets theirs at one point.

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The Coral Team