How to Impress Your Guest as Soon as They Book

Get Your Guest Excited About Their Trip

Usually, a guest inquiry comes in, and you answer any questions a prospective guest might have before booking your place. Shortly after they book or closer to their arrival, you might send them your house manual.

Instead, what you could do is send them your Coral Guidebook three times: as soon as they book, a few days away from their trip, and in the morning on the day they arrive. Introduce the Guidebook to your guest, and give them a few ideas for how they should use it.

Guests can peruse your Guidebook to learn all about your home and neighborhood. It’s not just showcasing your space; it’s about showing the effort you put in to create an amazing trip for them!

Hosts are using their Coral Guidebook to:

  • Share basic and essential info like Wi-Fi, contact info, house rules, check-in/check-out, and more.
  • Share guidelines and pointers for the rooms in the house and include any stories or history to entertain their guests.
  • Provide Local IQ to help guests have an authentic local experience.
  • Showcase all the features of the home and provide instructions on how to use everything.

Give Your Guests the Resources to Plan Their Trip

With your Guidebook in your guests hands, you enable them to visualize their trip and start to look forward to the incredible guest experience you have created.

Using your local recommendations, guests can book reservations at restaurants, purchase event or local attraction tickets, budget more effectively, and more. Also, they will know to bring anything essential to them that may not be in the home like shampoo or a hair dryer.

During a stay in San Francisco, we wanted to visit Alcatraz but didn’t know you should reserve your tickets way ahead of time, especially in the summer. For someone who had never visited the U.S. west coast, this was disappointing.


Sit Back and Relax In Anticipation of Your Guest’s Arrival

We have seen guests respond to the Guidebook with praise and thank-yous. Not only do they feel informed, but they’re excited about the awesome trip their planning. Your local knowledge is valuable, and they feel like they’ve struck gold.

No more FAQ’s or being on call 24/7, the Guidebook is in your guest’s hands, so they have everything they need to arrive, enter your home smoothly, and have a memorable stay!

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The Coral Team