Part of a great guest experience is staying in a clean, well-prepared listing. After renting out different Airbnb’s around the country for 3 months, our friend Richie from Coral told us “It didn’t matter how amazing the listing was if it wasn’t cleaned or set up nicely I didn’t even want to be there.”

Guests notice and react to the smallest of details, from disgust at the stray hairs in the shower drain to delight for unique hospitality touches of local chocolates from a nearby cafe. These moments are always recounted in reviews. And sometimes you feel it’s out of your control because you weren’t onsite yourself to follow the cleaner around the house, or didn’t spend the extra thirty minutes AFTER your cleaning to double check and stage your place.

We’ve had these same exact regrets.  Instead of sulking, we’ve come up with a solution, a visual checklist app called Properly . Hosts use Properly to create checklists with photos of their listing that convey every turnover and cleaning task they need done.

propIf you’re already on Airbnb, you can get a head start by directly connecting your account and uploading your listing photos automatically. After creating the checklist, you share it with the housekeepers or service professionals you hire to do the turnover cleaning. The housekeeper sees exactly how you want the space prepared and checks off tasks. It’s great for them too, now they know exactly what their clients are looking for, and the smallest of details won’t be missed. Think about it, checklists are saving lives in the operating room, now they’re saving your reviews on Airbnb!

properlyFor every turnover, there are so many things to remember outside of just cleaning: inventory, compliance checks, sanitation, supplies. Are all my lightbulbs working, was the dishwasher emptied, did my cleaner double-check to make sure that guests didn’t leave melted cheese and crumbs from the pizza they baked in the oven?  Add these kinds of tasks to a Properly checklist and you’re golden — or should we say — 5 stars! If you’re ready to create a consistent staging and cleaning process for your listing, start with our tool it’s free! And for more tips on turnovers and hosting remotely, visit Properly on Twitter and Facebook.

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Bonus: Properly is happy to offer Coral members 1 on 1 office hour sessions to teach you the nuts and bolts of building your visual checklists for turnovers, as well as a free downloadable Ultimate Turnover Template to guide you in managing the perfect turnover. Just email and mention hearing about us from our friends at Coral! And for more tips on turnovers and hosting remotely, visit us on Twitter and Facebook.

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The Coral Team