Getting More Eyeballs On Your Listing

Getting more visibility for your listing on different home sharing marketplaces or social media websites leads to more bookings.

Each marketplace can be used to attract different guests who may be interested in your listing but may not be able to find it otherwise. For instance, posting on Airbnb and HomeAway is common for hosts. Although Airbnb is the biggest player and usually brings more traffic and bookings, HomeAway is an excellent source for guests who stay longer, spend more money, and are more experienced travelers.

Posting on niche marketplaces like Misterbnb or Rent Like A Champion will also help you get your listings in front of particular types of guests.

Using Social Media

Every month we see more accounts run by hosts showcasing their listings pop up on Twitter and Instagram.

Example accounts:


These hosts are going the extra mile to display their extraordinary listing and guest experience. Most of the accounts we’ve seen have solid followings and are likely driving visitors to their listing or referral business from previous guests.

Using social media is a great way to stay connected with your previous guests and to show off how much fun they had while staying with you.

Our recommendation would be to start with Instagram. This form of visual storytelling is easier to start and maintain than running a Twitter account and having to tweet, follow, and engage your audience constantly.

Start with pictures of your home and neighborhood or any of the special things you do for your guest (i.e. leave out a bottle of wine). When you get more comfortable on the platform you can start sharing photos of your guests and even getting testimonials.

We do this on our Instagram  where we talk to other Sharing Economy participants like Airbnb hosts and Uber/Lyft drivers. Check it out here:

Outside of starting and running your social media accounts, check out to quickly build and run Facebook ads for your listings. This tool is helpful for getting more visibility with a targeted audience of guests that you can track and measure simply.

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The Coral Team