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The Coral Team is now in Philadelphia, PA where we are continuing our Airbnb tour. Right now we are staying in a beautiful historic house in Center City, Philly.

There are many challenges that Airbnb is facing or will face in the coming years. Regulation is surely one of those challenges, but one of the more significant brand challenges is maintaining the personalized and local travel experience as it continues to reach mainstream.

Airbnb is doing its best not to walk in the shoes of Uber, who aggressively bursts into towns and takes over their taxi industry with little regard. Airbnb is taking a different approach to smoothing out regulation by working diligently with local governments to create a coexistence with the local hotel industry.

We all need to help address the challenge Airbnb is facing with scaling the personalized and local experience. Let me tell you why:

Airbnb is different

One of the many perks of Airbnb, as a guest, is that you get to ‘live like a local’. You get to walk out of someone’s front door, get a latte at their favorite coffee shop, and participate in neighborhood activities. This type of travel experience is something that hotels cannot replicate.

The future of Airbnb will be such that basic accommodations like beds, towels, kitchen access, etc. (AKA hotel amenities), will become par for the course. All hosts will provide them.

The Big Question: What will differentiate you from your competition and sustain your Airbnb business?

The Answer: Consistently delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for your guests that gives an honest and fun taste of your home, neighborhood, and city: a local experience. Consider yourself an ambassador for your city.

An easy to use tool

Last week I sat down with Andrew of Coral to teach Airbnb hosts how to create a smooth guest stay as well as deliver a ‘local’ experience for your Airbnb guests.

We recorded our chat and I think it would be beneficial for you to check out. It will help you get the most out of your Coral Guidebook.

The webinar is divided into 5 parts. You can watch it straight through or jump to the part that interests you most.

Introduction by Jim
Part 1: How Coral.Life can help you as an Airbnb host
Part 2: Walk-through to get started with the Coral app
Part 3: Coral.Life Pro Tips
Part 4: Q&A

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