As you know, hosting can be extremely rewarding and gives you the ability to act as an expert on the city you inhabit and love.

Your home is an intimate part of who you are and is at the heart of the entire home sharing experience. So why be confined to a boring text-based house manual that only presents the ins-and-outs of your listing? It’s no wonder why most guests do not give your house manual and rules the attention they deserve.

That being said, as a host, you have an obligation to act hospitably towards your guests and make sure they have everything they need…which can get out of hand quickly.

When you take the first step towards making your Coral Guidebook you say NO to the headaches of hosting and show that you are a host who cares about every aspect of the experience that you create for your guests.

Our aim with Coral is to arm you with a tool that is free and easy to use, but pays off in a big way when you have a guest staying in your home, neighborhood, and city.

Never assume that anyone knows how to use something to which you may be accustomed.

When making your Coral Guidebook, it is critical that you take the time to walk through the various scenarios your guests encounter when sharing your home. Think about it, you are welcoming a stranger into your home for the first time. You have become accustomed to your home over time and there is a lot for your guests to learn. Make sure you are clear and concise but respect the scope of the situation. Give your guests all the information that you have about how to use the features of your home, get comfortable, and live like a local.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to share the story of your space so your guest can have an amazing experience in your home.

Don’t lose your personality. Have fun with it!

Airbnb is an experience-driven platform. As a host, your job is to provide your guests with an enjoyable and unique trip.

This new style of hospitality, home sharing, is not like running a hotel, so don’t treat it as such! There are many things you can do to automate the duties of hosting, but it is critical that you are putting forth the effort to give your guests a personalized experience that is a reflection of who you are.

Make an effort to get to know your guests! You are opening up your home to the world, so you will be missing out if you don’t take advantage of that unique and fulfilling experience. You are more likely to get a positive review if you make an effort to connect with your guests, or at the very least express that you are not a robot at the front desk of a hotel who is just getting paid to do this.

Be genuine. Be neighborly. Be human!

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The Coral Team