Your house rules set the guidelines for guest behavior, like things you can and cannot do as well as what to keep in mind. In many ways, it is like a contract since your guests have read and agreed to your house rules when they book. Needless to say, it’s important to get these right!

No matter how thorough your house rules there is no guarantee your guests will review them while staying at your home. To combat this it is important to refer your guests to the House Rules section of your Coral guidebook early on.

Here are some house rules you may consider including in your guidebooks:

Are they allowed? Do they need to ask permission? Is there an additional fee?

Is smoking permitted, and if so, where?

Kitchen Use
Do your guests have permission to use the kitchen to cook? What are they allowed to use?

Eating areas
Where can your guests eat? Should they keep food out of certain rooms?

Quiet hours
Do you have neighbors? When should your guests keep the volume low?

Indoor Etiquette
Can guests wear shoes inside the house?

Off-limit areas
Are there areas in the house that guests are not allowed to go? Will there be any penalties?

Cleaning procedures
Where does trash go? How should they leave your home?

Can your guests use the washer and dryer? Will there be an additional charge?

Gatherings or Parties
Do you allow your guests to bring visitors into your home? Do you allow parties? How many people are allowed to come? Do they need to ask you before they invite anyone over?

I’m sure this list will grow with time, but it is certainly a start. Be clear, concise, and explicit to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

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The Coral Team