Like an email subject line, you must write a clear, concise, and compelling phrase that gets your audience excited and interested enough to click your listing. With the huge selection of listings, simply describing features of your home like how many bedrooms and bathrooms won’t cut it.

Think about the needs and desires of your audience and attract them with your title. Stay active with what’s going on in your neighborhood and change your title accordingly. If you live in Austin, Texas and a major conference is coming to town, like SXSW, it would be worth your time to mention that in the title. Moreover, if you are hosting in Mountain View and want to target business travelers you should make it clear that you are 1 mile from Google headquarters.
Let’s break down why the following is a weak title: “3BR/2.5BH Miami Studio”

  • Your audience is searching for a space in Miami, it is redundant to include the location in the title.
  • Does this get you excited? I certainly am not ready to jump out of my chair and click it!
  • It doesn’t show your personality or how special your home is.
  • If I am a leisure traveler and am interested in the night life, I can’t tell if your space is near all the action!

Don’t focus on the features of your home, focus on the qualities. Take pen to paper and write down words or short phrases that showcase what makes your home special. Take your top 3 and email, text, post to Facebook, Reddit, or tweet them to get some feedback!
Let’s break down why this a great title: “Cozy Modern Loft 1 Block From The Beach!”

  • Your audience gets a feel for how your home makes them feel!
  • It is relevant to your audience, who in this case would likely be a vacation traveler.
  • It tells your audience what kind of apartment it is and the style, not the features. Chances are your guest has already entered how many people he/she is going to be staying with—noting the amount of bedrooms and bathrooms in the title is wasted space.

If you’d like help or feedback with your listing title please feel free to contact me! My email is In my research and experience while building Coral, I have learned what can really make a listing pop and I want nothing more than to help you!
If you change your listing title, please share the before and after with us!

Sharing Economy News:

Some amazing, unprecedented, things have been going on in the world. For instance, marriage equality is a huge step in the direction of a more collaborative society. We are thrilled to be a part of history.

  • Employee, Not Contractor: What the Uber Ruling Means for the Sharing Economy.
    • “The decision handed down by the California Labor Commissioner’s Office affects an individual, requiring Uber to fork over slightly more than $4,000 to a single driver in expenses and other costs for the weeks she worked for the company last year. But if Uber fails to win its appeal, Thomas predicts that it will face an onslaught of similar lawsuits, as well as class-action suits, from drivers in California seeking similar compensation.”

We hope you’ve enjoyed these updates, if any of these topics intrigues you, we’d be happy to hear your thoughts!

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